There is no annual membership fees for CardFinans Fix!

  • If you become a member of the Plus Package, you can pay in installments and benefit from MoneyPoint campaigns at more than 170,000 points of sale.
  • With Instant Loan, you can have cash instantly, without any formalities and without the existence of a guarantor.
  • With TaksitKolay (EasyDivide), you can divide your purchases into installments after your purchase, if the amount is equal to or exceeds TRY 50.

Meet the Plus Package.

Holders of CardFinans Fix can be included in the Plus Package, and benefit from features such as additional installments, deferred payments, and MoneyPoint and discount campaigns provided at contracted merchants of QNB Finansbank*.

  • The package fee is monthly TRY 10 including taxes, and this is indicated in the billing statement as a debit entry every month.
  • The package term is 1 year. As long as your card is active, membership to the package will be renewed annually, informing you beforehand via the billing statement message.
  • In case the Bank initiates a campaign which is limited in duration and which requires participation, you should participate in them separately. Plus Package does not cover product-specific campaigns.
  • If you want to cancel the Package, you can inform us any time through our communication channels.
  • When you exit from the Package, the monthly Package fee will be returned to your card, if you have not benefited from the features of the Package.
  • When CardFinans Fix holders included in the Plus Package are also included in the MoneyPoint campaign, they cannot exit from the Plus Package until the expiry date of the MoneyPoint.
  • The Bank reserves the right to modify the package or to cease to provide the package, pursuant to changing conditions.

*To benefit from campaigns requiring intentional participation, you need to participate in these separately.


You can find the clarification text of our bank about the Law on The Protection of Personal Data.

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You can find the clarification text of our bank about the Law on The Protection of Personal Data.

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