CardFinans Nakit stands by you, always!

  • You do not need to worry about withdrawing cash and holding cash, and can shop anywhere in the world. Moreover, you can earn MoneyPoints for your purchases at QNB Finansbank POS devices. 
  • You can easily withdraw cash at ATMs bearing the Visa and MasterCard logos.
  • Thanks to its contactless feature, you can pay without entering the PIN into the POS or without signing, for your payments up to TRY 750.
  • You can shop more securely with CardFinans Nakit, thanks to the 3D Secure system.
  • By saving your card details to Masterpass, you can pay with one click in your subsequent purchases without entering card details at those merchants where you see the Masterpass logo.
  • Even if you do not have funds in your account, you can easily withdraw cash using your Overdraft Account.

Quick Card Application

Quick Card Application


You can find the clarification text of our bank about the Law on The Protection of Personal Data.

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