Safe and easy way to shop online!

Apply for a virtual card at QNB Finansbank Internet Branch or "QNB Mobil", access your card number, expiry date and security code right away and start spending.
You can set the limit of your virtual card yourself and set to zero when not in use.

How can I apply for a virtual card?

You can apply for the virtual card through the channels of QNB Finansbank Call Center, "QNB Mobil" and Internet Banking. The card will be issued at the moment of application.

Where can I inquire my virtual card information?

You can inquire your card number, expiry date and security code at the channels of Internet Banking and "QNB Mobil".

Is there a fee for the virtual card?

There is no annual membership fee for the virtual card.  Interest rates are the same with the basic card that the virtual card is linked as a supplementary

How can I set the limit of my virtual card?

You can set the limit of your virtual card through the channels of QNB Finansbank Call Center, "QNB Mobil" and Internet Banking. You can either keep it the same with your basic card limit, or set a different amount. If you set a different amount, at every statement date of the main card, this limit will be automatically renewed. 

How does my virtual card limit become available?

If you set a different limit for your virtual card than the main card, at every statement date of the main card, the limit will be automatically renewed. The available virtual card limit does not increase with the interim payments made during the billing cycle. If you would like to increase the virtual card limit, you should update it.

Where can I inquire the payable amount/transactions of my virtual card?

You can view your transactions made with the virtual card at the “billing cycle transactions” or “billing statement” menus of the basic card.  A separate billing statement will not be issued for the virtual card. The billing statement issued on the statement date of the basic card will include a section for the virtual card.

How can I make payments to my virtual card?

You do not need to pay directly to the virtual card; you can pay to the basic card.

Can I earn/utilize MoneyPoints with my virtual card?

You can earn MoneyPoints at the contracted merchants by shopping through QNB Finansbank virtual POS’s, and from the campaigns for which your basic card was registered. You can spend your MoneyPoints using the virtual card when shopping at the websites of contracted merchants, provided that the merchant in question is eligible to accept payments in MoneyPoints. You can also transfer the MoneyPoints to your basic card, through the channels of the Call Center and Internet Banking.

Can I benefit from campaigns with my virtual card?

You can benefit from the campaigns with your virtual card, provided that the basic card is registered to the campaign and the campaign also covers supplementary cards.

What type of transactions can I carry out with my virtual card?

With your virtual card, you can shop online, make regular payments of membership, insurance premium, etc. by mail or by telephone order, you can pay bills, and can top-up prepaid mobile phone credits.
Quick Card Application

Quick Card Application


You can find the clarification text of our bank about the Law on The Protection of Personal Data.

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