As you submit your application, we would like to inform you about how we use and process your personal data, including your financial data that we will receive as QNB Finansbank A.Ş. (”QNB Finansbank”).

Your personal data held with QNB Finansbank is safely stored and not disclosed to third parties excluded from the legal framework.

As you approve the Terms of Use, your data is used in order to:
Evaluate credit worthiness/score and risk analysis by checking your personal credit score to calculate your creditability in Credit Bureau, and to provide the banking products and services which you request in line with your personal needs as well as any type of product and service which we offer, including the ones to be provided with the capacity of acting as an agency,

plan campaigns, products and services exclusive for you, prepare and make offers to you on periodical basis, carry out profiling and segmentation works, and to send messages on advertising, marketing and similar purposes.
Data you share with QNB Finansbank is used and/or exchanged to run this web site.

Your personal data is protected under QNB Finansbank Privacy Policy in addition to Protection and Process of the Personal Data Policy (”Policies”); and by accepting the Terms of Use, you also accept our Policies.

Please follow the links below to review our policies.
Privacy Policy
Protection of Personal Data
If you do not want to receive our offers on campaigns, products and services to be sent by using your contact information, you can inform QNB Finansbank and stop use of such information.

Quick Card Application

Quick Card Application


You can find the clarification text of our bank about the Law on The Protection of Personal Data.

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