Where can I use CardFinans?

You can use CardFinans at every point of sale bearing the Visa or MasterCard logo.

Which QNB Finansbank credit cards have the CardFinans features?

CardFinans (Visa, Mastercard), CardFinans GO, CardFinans Xtra (Visa, Mastercard), E-CardFinans (Visa Virtual Cart), CardFinans Trabzonspor, Fenerbahçe CardFinans, CardFinans Emekli, CardFinans Fix, CardFinans Hemşire

Are there any installment/sector restrictions for transactions made with CardFinans credit cards?

Purchases made with personal credit cards for food, groceries, alcoholic beverages, fuel, telecommunications, direct marketing, cosmetics, office supplies, and gift cards/vouchers as well as cross-border shoppings may not be split into installments pursuant to law. A maximum of 6 monthly installments can be applied for purchases of electronics devices, payments made to clubs and associations, purchases made from airlines and travel agencies, purchases of accommodation, while maximum 12 monthly installments is applied to tax payments.

Who Can Apply for CardFinans?

To apply for a CardFinans, you should be 18 or above, and have a regular income.

Which documents do I need to apply for a CardFinans?

  • CardFinans application form
  • The photocopy of your official ID card or your passport

Is a guarantor required to apply for a CardFinans?

If you are a Turkish citizen, no guarantor is required.  It is mandatory for our foreign national customers to designate a guarantor.

Which documents are required to apply for an additional card?

An application form is required which should be filled in by the main card holder on behalf of the additional card holder and signed by both of them.

Can I specify a separate limit for the additional card?

You can allocate part of the limit of your main card to the additional card.

If one has more than one QNB Finansbank credit cards, how does the limit work?

Only one limit amount is defined and this is the same for all the cards of the customer.

How can I pay my credit card debt?

You can pay your credit card debt via the following channels:

  • QNB Finansbank Online Banking
  • QNB Finansbank Telephone Banking at 0850 222 0 900
  • QNB Finansbank Branches
  • QNB Finansbank ATMs
  • PTT Branches which serve online 
  • By placing an EFT transfer order from another bank, using QNB Finansbank’s bank code (111) and branch code (998)
  • By placing Automatic Payment Orders through QNB Finansbank Branches, QNB Finansbank Telephone Banking at 0850 222 0 900, or Online Banking.
  • Other Banks’ ATMS (subject to charges)

If you have an account at QNB Finansbank, you can place your CardFinans Automatic Payment Order via the following channels:

  • QNB Finansbank Branches
  • QNB Finansbank Online Banking > Cards > Credit Card Payment Orders menu 
  • QNB Finansbank Telephone Banking at 0850 222 0 900

You can order automatic payment instructions separately for your TRY and USD billings. For billing in TRY, you can instruct for the whole payable, or the minimum amount due. For billing in USD, you can give an instruction for the whole payable.

Can I change the statement date of my CardFinans credit card?

You can change your statement date by calling QNB Finansbank Telephone Banking at 0850 222 0 900, or through Online Banking.

How can I get my billing statement?

Your billing statement is sent the day following your statement date to your statement delivery address by mail / e-mail /Digital Statement . To receive your billing statement on time, please make sure your mailing address, or e-mail address or mobile phone number, are correct in our records, depending on the method you have selected to receive statements.

In addition to the billing statements, you can inquire your payable amount as the following:

  • QNB Mobil > Cards > My Credit Cards
  • QNB Finansbank Online Banking > Cards > Credit Card Inquiry / Card Information
  • QNB Finansbank Mobile Banking > Cards > Credit Card Inquiry / Card Information
  • QNB Finansbank ATMs > Inquiry / PIN Operations > Last Billing Statement menu 
  • QNB Finansbank Telephone Banking at 0850 222 0 900
  • QNB Finansbank Branches

What are CardFinans interest rates and annual fees?

For interest rates, click here.

What are the renewal fees if my credit card is lost or stolen?

No fee is charged for 2 stolen/lost renewals in a calander year. For renewal fees, click here.


What does the minimum payable amount mean?

It is the minimum payment amount required for you to not to have a delay regarding your debt for the period specified in your statement.
Your minimum payment amount is calculated over the rate stated in the relevant legislation and this rate cannot be below the amount to be determined by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency. 
As of June 9, 2022, the minimum payment amount for TRY account statement shall be 20% of the statement debt in the consumer credit cards of which limit is TRY 25.000 and below; and shall be 40% of the statement debt for the credit cards of which limit is above TRY 25.000.

What is shopping interest, and what is late payment interest? How are they applied?

Shopping interest rate is the maximum monthly net interest rate specified by the Central Bank of Turkey applied to your debt remaining from the payable sum of your billing period.

Late payment interest rate is the monthly net interest rate specified by the CBT that is applied when the minimum amount due is not paid in full, over the unpaid portion and as of the due date.

If the payable sum for the billing period is paid until the due date, no interest will accrue.

If you make no payment until the payment due date or if you do not the full amount, a shopping interest will accrue as of the statement date until the due date over the unpaid amount; a late payment interest will accrue over the unpaid amount of the minimum amount due; and the remaining unpaid balance will be subject to shopping interest.

Additionally, cash advances are subject to shopping interest rate, from the transaction date to the payment due date.

What should I do if my credit card is lost or stolen?

When your credit card is lost or stolen, promptly

  • Report it to the nearest QNB Finansbank Branch, 
  • Report it to the customer representatives at QNB Finansbank Telephone Banking at 0850 222 0 900.

What is a mail-order? Can I have mail-order transactions with my credit card?

Mail-order is a credit card shopping method, where your credit card is not present physically and shopping takes place remotely, by mail, telephone or the internet. Your card is enabled for these transactions by default, however you can disable this feature if you wish.

What is the withdrawal right in credit card campaigns? What is the way to withdraw?

According to Article 22/2 “Consumer Loan Agreements” of the Consumer Protection Law no. 6502, you have the right to withdraw within 14 days from the credit card campaigns involving your participation subject to a certain fee/condition. Cancellation will be processed upon your request to withdraw. No fee or interest will be charged to you in the next period, and you will not be entitled to benefit from the services under the campaign, as of your request of withdrawal. You are required to expressly declare your exercise of withdrawal.

If you have been charged a fee under the campaign and if you have not earned any rewards under the campaign, the fee will be returned to you.

Pursuant to Article 22/2 titled Consumer Credit Contracts under Consumer Protection Law no. 6502, for the credit card campaigns you joined with your personal credit card that are subject to certain terms/fees for earning rewards, and/or for cash advance transactions with a credit card, you may forward your withdrawal request within 14 days following the date of transaction to our Bank via the Call Center.

Does my agreement include a clause that a card fee will be collected?

In the Banking Transactions Agreement that is signed between the Bank and the card holders, it is expressly stated that a card fee, and annual fees in the subsequent years, will be collected.

Are card fees legitimate according to law?

Taking into account possible complaints to the Consumer Arbitration Boards as a result of misinformation among the public, the General Directorate for Protection of Competition and the Consumer under the Ministry of Industry and Trade issued decrees no. 2007/02 and 2007/03, explaining the legal grounds of credit card fees, and stated that fees should be paid, provided that the agreement includes such a clause. Furthermore, according to Article 18 of the Regulation on Debit Cards and Credit Cards, changes to the credit card agreements will be notified to the card holder through the billing statement, and if the card holder continues to use the card, they shall be deemed to have accepted the changes. Unless the card holder does not accept the changes, they are entitled to terminate the agreement by way of canceling the card.  Therefore, card fees and annual fees are specified and collected from the card holders pursuant to agreements and legal regulations.

What should I do to increase the limit of my credit card?

To handle your request to increase your credit card limit faster, we kindly ask you to call Telephone Banking at 0850 222 0 900. You may forward your request also by using the interactive voice response feature of Telephone Banking. Your request will be processed as soon as possible.

My credit card application is rejected. Why?

Loan requests and credit card requests of our customers are evaluated according to the criteria set in line with the Bank’s credit policies. If the outcome of the evaluation is lower than the pre-defined values for a positive response to the credit card or loan request, your request will not be met. No other action is available if you have received a letter of rejection.

I paid all of the payable indicated in my billing statement, but interest accrued. Why?

If all of the debt arising from your purchases (Billing Period Debt, as stated in the Regulation) is paid by the due date, no interest will accrue. However, if there is debt transferring from previous billing periods, this is subject to interest, from the statement date until the date payment is made. Interest that accrues from the statement date until the payment date is indicated in the next billing statement.

What is CardFinans Nakit?

CardFinans Nakit is the debit card of QNB Finansbank.

What can I do with CardFinans Nakit?

CardFinans Nakit is the debit card of QNB Finansbank. You can do shopping with it, using the available balance* in your account.

You can shop online, with the guarantee of the 3D Secure System.

You can earn MoneyPoints with CardFinans Nakit, and spend these at contracted merchants of QNB Finansbank, enjoying free shopping.

Thanks to PosMoney, when you shop for TRY 10 or above, you can withdraw cash at the register, from TRY 10 up to TRY 100.

You can make social security premium payments with CardFinans Nakit.

Even if you do not have sufficient funds in your account, you can withdraw cash from, and shop with, your Overdraft Account, with an affordable interest rate.

You can link a maximum of 5 demand deposit accounts with QNB Finansbank branches to CardFinans Nakit, one of them being the main account.

It enables you to access your account 7 days and 24 hours at QNB Finansbank ATMs, and saves you from the risk of carrying cash.

Using the Overdraft account limit that will be defined to the main account linked to your CardFinans Nakit, you can withdraw cash even if you do not have funds in your account, 7 days and 24 hours.

You can also use your Overdraft Account to make regular utility payments (electricity, water, natural gas, mobile phone and similar bills), and other regular payments such as credit card debt, credit card installments, insurance premiums, school tuition installments, and to meet another short term cash needs as well.

You can view all of your accounts linked to your personal debit card at QNB Finansbank ATMs. At the ATMs of other banks, you can only view your main account linked to your card.

*Available Balance: Demand Deposit Account Balance + Overdraft Account Limit + Automatic Account Balance - Restrictions on the Overdraft Account limit - Overdraft Account limit utilization - Other Restrictions

What can I do with CardFinans Nakit at QNB Finansbank ATMs?

  • Inquiring Account Statement and Account Balance
  • Instant Cash Deposit to Account*
  • Credit Card Debt Payment
  • Cash Withdrawal, Fast Cash Withdrawal and Cash Withdrawal from Overdraft Account
  • Money Transfers (Remittance and EFT)
  • Utilization of the Available Loan
  • Loan Repayment
  • Mutual Fund Transactions
  • Foreign Exchange Transactions
  • TRY Mobile Credits Top-up
  • Utility Bill Payment
  • Address Inquiry
  • PIN Operations
  • Instant PIN
  • MoneyPoint Entries
  • Payments to Contracted Institutions

*This transaction is only available at the ATMs featuring cash deposits.

Where can I shop with CardFinans Nakit?

At merchants where you see the Maestro/Cirrus and Electron/Plus logos on the POS devices, both in Turkey and overseas. 

What can I do at other banks’ ATMs?

At other banks’ ATMs, you can inquire your balance and withdraw cash with CardFinans Nakit. Overseas, you can only withdraw cash. (QNB Finansbank cards can be used overseas at ATMs bearing Maestro/Cirrus and Electron/Plus logos.)

At other ATMs, you can inquire only the main account linked to your card. 

How can I apply for CardFinans Nakit?

You can apply for a CardFinans Nakit through, QNB Mobil, Telephone Banking at 0850 222 0 900, or at QNB Finansbank branches.

How will I have the PIN for my CardFinans Nakit?

IImmediately after your CardFinans Nakit card is printed, the PIN is notified to you via an SMS message. If our records do not include a mobile phone number of yours, the PIN will be delivered by mail. You can also create a PIN by calling Telephone Banking at 0850 222 0 900, or by sending an SMS message to 3996 in the following format, hitting space between the fields: [NAKIT] [last 4 digits of your card] [last 2 digits of your Security code right behind your card] (EXAMPLE: NAKIT 1234 56).

You can change the PIN of your personal debit card on Online Banking page, by going to My Settings - Password/PIN - Cards.

What should I do if I forget my CardFinans Nakit PIN?

You can also have your CardFinans Nakit PIN at our branches, through Online Banking under My Settings / Password/ PIN / Cards, or by calling Telephone Banking at 0850 222 0 900.

How can I link my accounts to myCardFinans Nakit Card?

At any QNB Finansbank Branch, or by calling Telephone Banking at 0850 222 0 900, you can link up to 5 accounts to your card.

What should I do if my CardFinans Nakit card is lost or stolen?

You should call Telephone Banking at 0850 222 0 900, and cancel your card. Canceling your card does not result in closure of your accounts. Until your new card arrives, you can carry out your transactions at QNB Finansbank branches, or by using your CardFinans credit card.

When I carry out transactions with my CardFinans Nakit, are there any fees?

Please visit the page of “Fees for Products and Services”, for detailed information on the account maintenance fee.

Is there an annual fee as in a credit card?

No, there is not an annual fee.

How much is the daily cash withdrawal limit of QNB Finansbank ATMs?

Daily cash withdrawal limit of QNB Finansbank ATMs is TRY 5.000.

For ATMs with the cash deposit feature, how much is the daily amount that can be deposited?

For ATMs with the cash deposit feature, the daily amount that can be deposited is TRY 19,000, applicable for deposits made by both using a card and without using a card.

When withdrawing cash from other bank ATMs, is there a fee?

Inquiry of your account balance or cash withdrawals from other bank ATMs with CardFinans Nakit are subject to fees. When you withdraw cash from overseas ATMs with CardFinans Nakit, this is subject to both fees and taxes.

How can I inquire my CardFinans Nakit limit?

You can inquire your limit at QNB Finansbank branches, ATMs, other bank ATMs, and through Online Banking.

I received my CardFinans Nakit, but I do not have an Overdraft Account. Is this a mistake?

Information is collected and evaluation is made regarding the applicant for Overdraft Account applications. A limit is defined for people who are deemed eligible under our policies.

How can I inquire the transactions I performed with my card?

On the statement date, you will be sent your account statement in printed form or by e-mail, depending on your preference. In your account statement, you will see the account activity of the main account, the balance of the term deposit account, earnings, and the payable amount if you have used your Overdraft Account.

You can also see your account activity at QNB Finansbank ATMs or via Online Banking.

What is the daily shopping limit with CardFinans Nakit card?

For purchases through POS devices, your daily maximum purchase amount can be TRY 10,000.

Why use a debit card, if I already have the money?

You shop securely with CardFinans Nakit using the PIN, and save yourself from the risk of carrying cash. Moreover, you can earn MoneyPoints for your purchases. Also, you feel safe with your CardFinans Nakit for unexpected situations when you need money.

What can I do if I do not have money in my account?

If you have an Overdraft Account limit in place, you can also use it when shopping. Overdraft Account is a credit limit defined exclusively for you with the purpose of meeting your cash requirements, without the need to apply for a loan.

What is the annual card fee forCardFinans Nakit? Are there any other fees?

There is not an annual fee for CardFinans Nakit.

For more information on Service Fees, please visit the page "Fees for Products and Services".

For the Card Renewal Fee, please visit the page "Fees for Products and Services".

What are MoneyPoints?

They are points you earn while shopping with your CardFinans Nakit and that you can use in place of money while shopping at contracted merchants of QNB Finansbank.

Where can I use my MoneyPoints?

You can use your MoneyPoints at contracted merchants of QNB Finansbank, shopping with your CardFinans Nakit card.

If I use my CardFinans Nakit card for wholesale purchases, can I earn MoneyPoints and benefit from campaign benefits?

If debit cards linked to personal accounts are used for wholesale purchases, MoneyPoints cannot be earned, and other benefits of the campaign cannot be utilized.

QNB Finansbank reserves the right to modify the earning rates, or cancel earnings of MoneyPoints for CardFinans Nakit cards linked to legal person customer accounts.

What is 3D Secure System?

3D Secure System is an authorization stage taking place as BKM verifies the dynamic password and transfers the transaction to the Bank. 

Is there a chance that the transaction fails, although it is verified by 3D Secure System?

When the transaction arrives at the Bank after the 3D Secure Verification, no provision may be given for the transaction if the card is disabled for online shopping, balance is insufficient, the Overdraft Account limit does not exist, the card is expired, or the expiry date is wrong. 

I am not receiving a password by SMS while shopping. What should I do?

While shopping, if you are on the dynamic password screen and you have not received an SMS password, check whether the last 4 digits of the mobile phone number indicated on the screen matches with your phone number.

Unless they match, update your mobile phone number at any QNB Finansbank branch, and then repeat the transaction.

If the mobile phone number on the screen matches with yours and you still do not receive the SMS message, this might be a technical problem. Call the Call Center at 0850 222 0 900 for a solution, or try to perform the transaction again.

I updated my mobile phone number in your records. When can I actively use 3D Secure System for shopping?

Information is updated real time. As soon as you update your mobile phone number, you can start online shopping.

Can I shop online with CardFinans Nakit even if my mobile phone number does not exist in your records?

If we do not have your current mobile phone number in our records, you cannot shop online with CardFinans Nakit using 3D Secure System.

Customers who do not have a mobile phone number in the Bank’s system, and customers whose mobile phone number does not match with the number in the Bank’s system can update their numbers at QNB Finansbank branches, and then they can shop online.

Can I shop with the dynamic password, without getting a CardFinans Nakit PIN?

Having the correct mobile phone number in the system is enough to shop online with 3D Secure System. It is not mandatory to have the CardFinans Nakit PIN.

If I mistype the password I received in the SMS, will my card be disabled?

As it is a single use password, wrong entry will not disable the card.

While I shop online with CardFinans Nakit, can I proceed even if I do not have sufficient money in my account?

If an Overdraft Account limit exists for the demand deposit account linked to your CardFinans Nakit, this will be used to cover your purchase.

If such an Overdraft Account limit does not exist, the purchase is not allowed, with a warning of “insufficient balance”.

Can I earn and use MoneyPoints while shopping online with CardFinans Nakit?

You can earn MoneyPoints while shopping online with your debit card.

MoneyPoint earning rates will vary according to the contracts with merchants.

Earned MoneyPoints can only be used when making purchases through physical POS devices.

Can I cancel a purchase I made online with CardFinans Nakit?

Online purchases can be canceled the same day by the contracted merchants.

Can I shop with CardFinans Nakit without using the 3D Secure System?

Yes, you can. Your card should be enabled for online shopping, and a monthly online shopping limit must be defined for your card. Then, you can shop either without a password or by using the 3D Secure System with your CardFinans Nakit, using your main account or the Overdraft Account, within the transaction limits you define. For customers who received their first debit card, online shopping is disabled by default, and the monthly online shopping limit is zero. To shop online, you must to activate your card for online shopping, and define a monthly online shopping limit at QNB Finansbank Online Banking, or via Telephone Banking at 0850 222 0 900. Online shopping authorization applies to all of your debit cards, and you can define separate online shopping limits to each of them, up to the maximum limit specified by the Bank. If you disable your CardFinans Nakit for online shopping, this will apply to all of your QNB Finansbank debit cards. The shopping limit you define is a monthly limit, and it is reset at the beginning of every month.

How is the limit of my Overdraft Account defined?

Overdraft Account limit is defined according to the limit you requested and the Bank’s credit policies.

What is the interest rate for the Overdraft Account?

Please visit the page “Fees for Products and Services” to see the current rates. 

How much is the daily cash withdrawal limit for QNB Finansbank debit cards at other banks’ ATMs in Turkey?

The daily cash withdrawal limit of QNB Finansbank debit cards at other bank ATMs in Turkey is TRY 1.500

Quick Card Application

Quick Card Application


You can find the clarification text of our bank about the Law on The Protection of Personal Data.

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