Gold Saving Account accumulates gold for you, upon just one instruction.

  • With Gold Saving Account, you can give an instruction once, and then gold will be purchased with your CardFinans in the amount that you instructed. Gold will be credited to your Gold Savings Account.
  • Moreover, while you save your gold, you can also earn as the value of gold rises.
  • Monthly purchase amount can be as you wish, from 0.5 gr to 100 gr. You can change it any time.
  • There is no account maintenance fee for Gold Saving Account.
  • There are no lower and upper limits for opening an account.
  • You can make interim purchases for the Gold Saving Account.
  • Interim purchases can be minimum 1 gr, and a maximum 10,000 gr.
  • The term of instruction can be minimum 5 years and maximum 10 years.
  • When the term ends, the amount you saved is refunded to you at once.
  • Gold Saving Account is in the demand deposit account category, therefore no interest accrues.
  • You can transfer the amount in your Gold Saving Account to your demand deposit gold account, without having to close your Gold Saving Account and cancel your regular payment instruction, by visiting our branches or through Online Banking channels. If you are paying with your credit card, you can transfer the amount of your last installment one day after the payment due date to your demand deposit gold account.
  • The gold amount in your demand deposit gold account can be converted to TRY either at our branches or by using the “Foreign Currency Sale” menu on our Online Branch, after which you can transfer the same to your TRY demand deposit account.
  • In cases of instructions from credit cards, Gold Saving Account can be closed only after the first payment due date following the instruction.
  • You can open a Gold Saving Account by typing Altın and texting to 2273, by visiting QNB Finansbank Branches, or by calling QNB Finansbank Telephone Banking at 0850 222 0 900.
Quick Card Application

Quick Card Application


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