CardFinans GO

Feel the Power of Being Young

We travel, have fun, read and share... We experience all the joys of being young. If you are between the ages of 18-26, have a CardFinans GO and join us.

CardFinans GO offers you all the advantages and services that CardFinans holders have and also gives you interest free cash advance of up to 150 TL. It also gives you extra 2 interest-free installments for your purchases 2-4 installments except your spendings in jewellery sector, proscriptive installment sectors and spendings abroad.

By typing ARTI, you can send an SMS to 2273 in order to attend to +2 installment campaign.

QNB Finansbank reserves its right to change conditions of campaign.

All your spending with CardFinans GO will come back to you as MoneyPoints. You can use your accumulated MoneyPoints when you shop in CardFinans member merchants or top-ups/minutes. Enjoy being young more!