CardFinans Instant Loan

CardFinans Instant Loan

Whenever You Need, Instant Loan is Here!

CardFinans Instant Loan is designed to meet your urgent cash needs without having to wait.

You no longer need to postpone your urgent needs. You will receive your Instant Loan ‘instantly’ with a low transaction fee and without any formalities. Thanks to this fast service.

The only thing you need to do is to determine the amount you need and to contact with QNB Finansbank. Afterwards, the amount you determined will be transferred from your available credit card limit to any QNB Finansbank current account that you choose.

You can pay it off in monthly installments with a favorable interest rate and you will be able to track the payments from your CardFinans statement.

Your needs cannot wait so why should you!

How to Apply for a CardFinans Instant Loan