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CardFinans Credit Card PIN

CardFinans Nakit PIN

Points to consider about your CardFinans Nakit PIN

  • CardFinans Nakit PIN consists of four (4) digits that are determined exclusively for your card.
  • You can perform transactions via CardFinans Nakit PIN by entering your PIN that you have determined specially for your card. 
  • Your CardFinans Nakit PIN will be sent to your mobile phone via SMS immediately after your card is embossed. If you do not have a registered phone number in our system, your PIN will be mailed to you. If you want, you can create your CardFinans Nakit PIN through QNB Finansbank  Internet Branch> Settings> Password/Pin menu or by calling 0850 222 0 900 Phone Banking or by sending a SMS stating “NAKIT” and the last 4 numbers of your bank card number and the last 2 digits of the security number (CVV) of your bank card (E.G.: NAKIT 1234 56) to 3996 and you can ensure that your CardFinans Nakit Pin will be sent to the registered mobile phone number registered in our system.

* Turkcell, Turk Telekom and Vodafone users can benefit from this application. Each SMS that is sent to 3996 will be charged based on the tariff of operators. Turkcell, Vodafone and Türk Telekom reserve their rights to reflect any change in the unit price of SMS.

Things you should consider for your security

  • You should never share your credit card pin and your other security information with anyone including sales persons and bank employees.
  • Please never allow anyone to use your card. 
  • You should never keep your PIN in written, write it on your card or record it anywhere.  
  • Our Bank employees or sales persons never ask your PIN or never request you to share your security information or send the information via e-mail. If you encounter these types of requests, please never answer for your own security.

If you want to change your bank card pin

  • You can perform transactions through  QNB Finansbank Internet Branch > Settings> Password/Pin> Cards menu, 
  • by calling 0850 222 0 900 Phone Banking and
  • through QNB Finansbank ATMs.

If you mistype your PIN

  • If you mistype your PIN consecutively for 3 times, your credit card PIN will be blocked. A blocked PIN will not prevent the card from being used without a PIN.

Shopping with a chipped CardFinans Nakit card featuring PIN

  • Sales person inserts your chipped CardFinans Nakit card into chip reader to make the payment.  
  • Chip reader asks you to enter your PIN.
  • After checking the amount of your purchase, please enter your PIN and press “Enter” button to confirm your payment.
  • Your PIN is not visible on the screen since it is special for you. Instead, asterisks indicating each digit are displayed.
  • If you make a mistake when entering your pin, please press “Clear” button and re-enter your PIN.
  • The screen will confirm that the payment is successful. After the confirmation, you can have the receipt generated by POS machine.

Your CardFinans Nakit card PIN sent for renewal

  • If your card is renewed due to expiration or other reasons except when it is lost or stolen (if your card number is not changed), existing PIN will be applicable for your new card.

Transaction with CardFinans Nakit abroad

  • You can use your CardFinans Nakit card abroad safely thanks to the standards determined by world’s leading card payment system institutions,Visa and Mastercard. 
  • If your PIN is asked abroad when using your CardFinans Nakit card, you can enter your PIN to perform transactions.

E-Commerce Security

3D Secure

You can shop online comfortably with CardFinans, because CardFinans features the “3D Secure System”, which aims to minimize fraud and objections for online payment transactions. 

  • The 3D Secure System developed by Visa and MasterCard provides an additional layer of security so that only “you” use your card for online shopping.
  • “Verified by Visa” is the system’s application for use of Visa credit cards. “SecureCode” is the application for use of MasterCard credit cards.
  •  At the time of payment, QNB Finansbank Secure Payment Window will appear, and you will be asked to enter credit card and payment information.
  • Once you click “Send”, the system will check your card information and text a single-use password to your mobile phone.
  • You purchase will be completed once you type the password you received in the SMS correctly on the screen.
  •  Customers whose mobile numbers are incorrect or missing in the system may receive assistance at our branches.
  • 3D Secure System is supported by the Interbank Card Center (BKM), Visa and MasterCard.

GO Secure Pay

  • GO Secure Pay is a system developed by the Interbank Card Center (BKM) for you to shop online securely and confirm your transactions with a single-use password.
  • Perform your transaction safely by entering the SMS sent to your mobile phone after you enter your card info and hit the “buy” button on the checkout page of an e-commerce website.

Security Alerts

Quick Card Application

Quick Card Application


You can find the clarification text of our bank about the Law on The Protection of Personal Data.

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