Billing Statement Details

Payment and Interest Information

  • When you pay the entire sum of your debt in your billing statement by the due date, and provided you do not have any transferring debt from the previous billing cycle, no interest will accrue for the sums arising out of purchases. If you have any debt transferring from the previous billing cycle, interest will calculated as of the statement date until the payment due date.
  • If you make no payment until the payment due date or if you do not the full amount, a shopping interest will accrue as of the statement date until the due date over the unpaid amount; a late payment interest will accrue over the unpaid amount of the minimum amount due; and the remaining unpaid balance will be subject to shopping interest.
  • No interest will be applied over existing interests. The interest will only be applied to the principal amount.
  • Statement Date: It is the date your billing statement is issued.
  • Payment Due Date: It is the last day on which you can pay the due amount of your billing cycle, or the minimum payable.
  • Minimum Payable Amount: It is the minimum amount that must be paid until the payment due date. If you have any restructured debt, installments of the related schedule are also included in the minimum payable amount.
  • Current interest rates are indicated on the front page of your billing statement.
  • Interest rates indicated in the billing statement are monthly interest rates, BSMV and KKDF excluded.  In case of change in interest rates, the interest will be calculated using the applicable rates corresponding to the related period.
Table of Fees and Charges
Shopping Interest Rate Maximum monthly net interest rate specified by the CBT which is applied to your remaining debt from the payable amount of the billing period.
Late Payment Interest Rate Monthly net interest rate specified by the CBT which is applied when the minimum amount due is not paid in full, over the unpaid portion and as of the due date.
Cash Advance Interest Rate Monthly net interest rate which accrues for cash advances from the transaction date until the payment date.
Cash Advance Fee It is the fee that will be applied to cash advances, and to other transactions that are considered as cash advance.
Cash Advance Fee, QNB Finansbank Alternative Distribution Channels 3.75% + TRY 12
Cash Advance Fee, Other Bank, Domestic 3.75% + TRY 14
Cash Advance Fee, Overseas (Billing in USD) 3.75% + USD 7
Cash Advance Fee, Overseas (Billing in TRY) 3.75% + TRY 14
PTT Payment Fee Fee collected for credit card payments using PTT facilities: Branch (TRY 3.50), PTT Matik (TRY 1.50), PTTBank Internet Banking and Mobile (TRY 1)
BSMV (Banking and Insurance Transactions Tax) Collected because of law, calculated over fees and interest amount. Rate: 5%
KKDF (Resource Utilization Support Fund) Collected because of the related regulations, calculated over interest and fees/commissions that qualify as interest. Rate:15%

Please click here for cash advance fees for CardFinans Fix


  • MoneyPoint is applied for the types of transactions specified by the Bank and calculated using the coefficient specified by the Bank.
  • MoneyPoints may not be requested to be collected in cash, nor may they be offset with the credit card debt. MoneyPoints can only be used when purchasing goods and services from the Bank’s contracted merchants using the credit card.
  • MoneyPoints may not be transferred to third persons. MoneyPoints may not be used if the card is disabled, not renewed, or if the Bank terminates the agreement for any reason.
  • If cards are detected to have been used to earn MoneyPoints by way of fiduciary or commercial transactions, the Bank is entitled to unilaterally cancel the MoneyPoints wrongfully earned.
  • The Bank is entitled to make all kinds of changes in the implementation and details of the MoneyPoint offer.

Overseas Transactions

  • Transactions you carry out with the merchants overseas are billed as Turkish Lira (TRY) or US Dollar (USD), depending on your  preference.
  • If you prefer billing in TRY, these transactions are converted to USD by the international card institutions and forwarded to our Bank. Our Bank converts them to TRY, using the QNB Finansbank foreign exchange offer rate of the day the transaction is forwarded to QNB Finansbank. TRY amount is indicated as debit in your billing statement. 
  • If you prefer billing in USD, these transactions are converted to USD by the international card institutions and forwarded to our Bank. USD amount is indicated as debit in your billing statement.
  • For example, the information regarding the amount of your payments at the local offices of foreign airline companies can be debited to your billing statement as foreign currency, although your transaction receipt indicates this amount in TRY. 

This is associated with rules of transaction applied by international card institutions.

Important Information Regarding the Calculation of the Resource Utilization Support Fund (KKDF)

If you prefer billing in USD, then, according to regulations, USD expenditures not paid as of the due date are considered as a foreign currency loan, and are subject to 15% KKDF. Therefore, if your payable sums corresponding to the billing cycle are not paid or not paid in full, 15% Resource Utilization Support Fund (KKDF) will be charged to the unpaid portion of the term debt on the statement date. The amount of KKDF is paid to the government by Bank and indicated in the billing statement as a debit entry.

Other Information

  • If the credit card is canceled upon your request and you have outstanding debt on your QNB Finansbank credit cards, installments will continue to be debited on their respective dates, and you will continue to receive billing statements.
  • You can file a dispute for the items in your billing statement within 10 days following the payment due date, stating the subject of dispute and the reasons thereof. You can file a dispute by calling QNB Finansbank Telephone Banking at 0850 222 0 900. A billing statement is deemed as final, if a dispute is not filed within the specified term for filing a dispute.
  • You should keep your card and/or the PIN safe and take the necessary precautions to prevent such information from being used by others. In cases where the card and/or the PIN is lost or stolen, it is longer in your possession in whatsoever way, or there is any transaction that you did not authorize, you should report these incidents immediately to QNB Finansbank by calling Telephone Banking at 0 850 222 0 900, following which you should confirm the same in writing.

Delivery of Billing Statements

Digital Statement

Place a Digital Statement order to access your statement easily and securely from your mobile phone.
After placing the order, you will be informed via our "QNB Mobil" when your monthly statements are issued and access the detailed statement. If you’re not using our "QNB Mobil", or in case the notification fails to be transmitted, you can access the statement details via the short text message sent to your phone. 
To start using digital statements, you can change your preferences on the "QNB Mobil", Internet Branch or Call Center.

  • If you are receiving printed statements, your printed statement order will be automatically cancelled after you place a Digital Statement order. 
  • Once you place a Digital Statement order, the statements for all your personal credit cards are sent to you in the form of Digital Statements.
  • Digital Statement orders can only be placed by the basic cards. Expenditures with supplementary cards are sent together with the statement of the basic card. 
  • Digital Statement orders are free of charge.


You can prevent waste of paper by requesting e-statements!

Channels through which you can request e-statement:

  • "QNB Mobil"
  • QNB Finansbank Online Banking
  • QNB Finansbank Branches
  • QNB Finansbank Telephone Banking
Quick Card Application

Quick Card Application


You can find the clarification text of our bank about the Law on The Protection of Personal Data.

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